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International 1 mile Run The Seychelles Athletics Federation organized a one mile run for athletes. Below are some photos of the event. Picture

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Past Athletes

The past athletes committee organized an athletics competition for past athletes on Saturday 19th May at the People’s Stadium. This competition brought together athletes who participated in athletes competition and now are retired.   Find below some photos of that day.  

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On Saturday 24th February 2018, the Seychelles Athletics has its Annual General Meeting and there were new election.   The following were elected: Mr. Selby Dora                –  Chairman Mr. Wilfred Adrien         –  Secretary General Mr. Fabien Belle              –  Treasurer   Ordinary Members Mr. Michel Jean-Louis Mrs. Soutanne Robert Mrs. Antoinette ...

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Sports Award 2017

Lissa Labiche (High Jumper) and Dylan Sicobo (Sprinter) was awarded best Female and Male Sports Award of the year 2017.   Seychelles Athletics Federation also won the best Federation for 2017.

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Lissa Labiche won Best Sports Lady Award for 2018 and Dylan Sicobo Best Men Award.   Also the Seychelles Athletics Federation has won the Best Federation for the year 2017.

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The kids Athletics Final will be held on Saturday 25th November 2017 starting at 9.00a.m. at the Peoples’ Stadium. The following primary schools will compete in the final.  La Digue Baie Lazare Plaisance Mont Fleuri and Bel Ombre There will be cups for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.  All participants ...

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2017 Club Registration

The following Clubs were registered for 2017 Club                                                            Chairperson Inner Island                                              Travis Ernesta Port Glaud Shooting Star                        Alda Azemia Plaisance Athletic Club   (School)          Jorcy Charles Top Racers                                                  Ana Barra Port Glaud Athletic Club                          Alda Azemia Fast Track                                                   Joseph Adem Arsu                                                              Michel Jean-Louis PAC                                                               Fabien Belle Patriot                                                          Jean Attala

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