9th Indian Ocean Island Games

A group of Seychellois athletes left for St Denis, Reunion for the 9th Indian Ocean Island Games (IOIG).

Below is a list of athletes and the events they will be participating in, as well as the head of delegation, coaches and technical officials.

Wishing our athletes the best of luck in the 2015 IOIG.

100m Leeroy Henriette
100m Jean Yves Roseline
100m Dyland Sicobo
200m Leeroy Henriette
200m Neddy Marie
200m Dyland Sicobo
400m Neddy Marie
400m Ned Azemia
400m Nelson Tamboo
400mh Ned Azemia
800m Yannick Magnan
800m Iven Moise
1500m Silly Gaylord
1500m Yannick Magnan
3000m Steeple Chase Silly Gaylord
5000m Iven Moise
10,000m Iven Moise
Race Walking Rennick Belize
Shot Put Dean Williams
Shot Put Ronny Bristol
Discus Dean Williams
Discus Ronny Bristol
Hammer Throw Ronny Bristol
Hammer Throw Dean William
High Jump Jude Sidonie
High jump Norris Brioche
Long Jump Jude Sidonie
4x100m Leeroy HenrietteNeddy MarieDyland Sicobo

Jean Yves Roseline

Lester Dogley

Sharry Dodin

4x400m Leeroy HenrietteNed Azemia

Neddy Marie

Nelson Tamboo

100m Joanne Lou Toy
100m Dianne Nioze
100m Gaelle Dubignon
200m Joanne Lou Toy
200m Dianne Nioze
200m Gaelle Dubignon
Heptathlon Lissa Labiche
Race Walking Ana Barra
4x100m Joanne Lou ToyLissa LabicheDianne Nioze

Gaelle Dubignon

Athina Freminot

Shot Put Debrah Servina
Discus Debrah Servina
Hammer Debrah Servina
High Jump Lissa Labiche
Long Jump Lissa Labiche
Triple Jump Athina Freminot
Long Jump Athina Freminot

Head of Delegation Fabien Belle
Coaches   Joseph VolcyJoseph AdemCarlos Sanchez Vizcaino

Alexander Aroche Rodriguez

Linda Jeanne

Giovanni Fanny

Arthur Agathine (hors quota)

Technical Official Beryl Larame (Jumps)Nelson Renaud (Photo Finish)