Our Vision

The SAF Vision for 2024 remains as for the previous  year, but we envisage to encourage our young athletes to reach Olympic level and to achieve its goals and win medals.  Our youth development still ongoing and through the kids club activity which took organized within the primary schools. A way forward for achievement of the athletics as a whole and development of the youth to take part of the

Our Mission

  • To become established as a credible and competent sport planning and management organization;
  • honouring its Constitution, working partnership and membership with local and international organizations in a professional and exemplary manner;
  • committed to promoting participation in the sport at all levels.
  • sensitive to the needs and aspirations of its support structures and members;
  • taking and implementing fair, transparent and realistic decisions;
  • committed to the empowerment and professional development of local expertise in athletics;
  • dedicated to the development of an athletic culture based on harmony, gender mainstreaming, fairplay and free of banned substances.

(adopted in 1998)

Our Constitution

in force as of 8th February 2014.

Executive Members for 2024/2025

The Seychelles Athletics Federation held its 57th Annual General Meeting on Thursday 4th April at 4:30pm at the Olympic House, Roche Caiman.

The following members have been elected for the next two year mandates on the Executive Committee.

Chairman Mr. Selby Dora (re-elected)
Secretary General Mr. Wilfred Adrien (re-elected)
Treasurer Ms. Dorothy Cafrine (newly elected)
Ordinary Members Ms. Antoinette Athanase (re-elected)

Ms. Monica Samson (re-elected)

Ms. Lynda Jeanne (re-elected)

Mr. Yannick Magnan (re-elected)

Ms. Alda Azemia (newly elected)

Ms. Rency Balgobin (newly elected)